IALT offers one bachelor’s degree course of study and two master’s degree courses of study.

The B. A. Translation lays the ideal groundwork for both of the two subsequent degrees, M. A. Conference Interpreting and M. A. Translatology.

Beyond this, at IALT it is possible to do a doctorate in the Structured PhD Program “Translatology and Applied Linguistics”.

Language offerings

The main languages offered at IALT are English, French, Russian and Spanish. These languages can also be studied as electives. In 2010, Galician and Catalan were added as electives. In 2013, the language offerings of the Institute were further enlarged with the opening of the Center for Basque Studies.  IALT is the only institute in Germany where this combination of languages exists.

The primary language (the so-called A-Sprache) in any language combination is always German.

For the B. A. Translation degree, electives in other languages and other subjects – without a translation component – may be taken for credit outside the institute from other course offerings at the university, for example from the human sciences and social sciences, as well as from the so-called “key competency” modules, GER: Schlüsselqualifikationen (SQ).

For students of the M. A. degrees, two or three modules of an additional language may be taken at the Sprachenzentrum.

last modified: 14.10.2016