Finished habilitation projects

Elia Hernández Socas (2018)
La prefijación ablativa y su representación semántico-conceptual. Estudio contrastivo de equivalencias interlingüísticas entre alemán, lenguas clásicas e iberorromances

Holger Siever (2009)
Translation and interpretation. The emergence of translation studies as an independent scientific discipline in German-speaking areas from 1960-2000

Heike Jüngst (2007)
Information Comics: Knowledge Transfer in a Popular Format

Irena Vassileva (2006)
Author - Audience Interaction: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Brigitte Horn-Helf (2006)
Conventions of Technical Communication. Macrocultural and Microcultural Contrasts in Instruction

Susanne Göpferich (2001)
Specialized Text Production for the Globalization Era: Developing the Didactics of Information Transfer

Ines Busch-Lauer (2000)
Technical Texts in Contrast: A Linguistic Analysis of Communication Areas in Medicine and Linguistics

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