10th Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation Studies
Translation 4.0 – Translation in the digital age

Leipzig, March 12 to 16, 2017


While recent LICTRA congresses have focussed on T&I didactics (1997), T&I competence (2004), T&I quality (2007) and international synergies in T&I research (2010), the tenth in the series will concentrate on where T&I studies stand in the light of digitalisation in the age of industry 4.0 or Internet 4.0, as the increasing use of internet technology to facilitate communication between humans, machines and products is often called. The technological building blocks of this world are cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, which describes a process whereby the computer as a stand-alone device will lose much of its importance, as a network of identifiably different “intelligent” physical objects – things – is built up in a structure that is similar to or is a development of the Internet.

At the core of LICTRA will be the analysis of major current and future problems as well as more classical questions regarding the effects this new dynamic and these technical developments will have on translation itself and on the constantly developing avenues of T&I research. Among the particularly relevant issues that will be debated in Leipzig are the following: 

Industry 4.0 – Internet 4.0: Translation 4.0?

We propose that LICTRA 2017 should explore and debate these aspects, which are all currently of acute relevance for T&I studies. They should all be seen in the light of the conference’s overarching topic, namely Translation 4.0 – translation in the digital age, or in the context of constantly changing conditions of communication created by new applications of Internet technology.

Sessions and Schedule

Sessions are devided into 20-minute slots for presentations with ten minutes for Q&A. The detailed conference schedule can be found here. Official conference languages are German and English.

A printed version of the abstract book will be handed to each participant at the check-in. The file is allready available online for preparation.


The opening event will be held on March 12 in the event space of the University Library’s main building (Bibliotheca Albertina, Beethovenstr. 6). The sessions will be held in a variety of rooms on the University’s City Campus (Seminargebäude & Hörsaalgebäude, Universitätsstr. 1–5).

Presenting with video conferencing

For people interested in presenting at LICTRA 2017 who can't make it in person, can present at LICTRA 2017 with Skype, Google Hangouts or similarly popular video conferencing solutions.

These presentations will be grouped together in a session that has no overarching topic otherwise. For participants presenting remotely, participation fees remain unchanged.


If you would like to participate, please send us the registration form by email. If you would like to make a presentation, you can register the same way after your abstract has been approved.

Payment information will be included in a confirmation email. Participants pay a fee of EUR 130.00. Students and unemployed persons pay a reduced fee of EUR 50.00. After registering, students, faculty and staff of Leipzig University can attend for free.


In addition to the sessions of presentations, the conference will also feature three workshops. One will focus on questions relating to the translation of proper names, another will look at problems relating to T&I journal rankings, while the third will explore the topic of visibility/invisibility. You can also submit an abstract for a 20-minute presentation during one of these workshops.


The tradition of publishing LICTRA proceedings will be continued; after peer review, an international committee will edit and publish selected papers in a internationally-renowned publication. Papers of 15-20 pages in length are to be submitted in electronic form by September 30, 2017 and will be published in monograph form after consideration by the review board. A style sheet and format template for contributions will be available on the LICTRA website shortly.

Young researchers

LICTRA is also a forum for young researchers and aims to help young academics from Germany and abroad gain an overview of the current state of research and to give them the opportunity to make their mark on the international stage, make valuable personal contacts and to gain ideas and partners for research projects.

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Submission deadline for
conference proceeding contributions:

September 30, 2017


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LICTRA 2017 will continue the tradition of previous conferences, which have been organized and held at the University of Leipzig since 1965, of expanding horizons and providing food for thought. LICTRA conferences have always been bellwethers and catalysts for T&I studies around the world.


Opening Event:
Bibliotheca Albertina
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City Campus
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Conference Office:
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