Profile-determining research areas

Profile-determining research areas at IALT are knowledge transfer, cultural transfer, and – in keeping with the Leipzig School of Translation Science – translation studies focusing on technical text translation, quality management, terminology research and T&I didactics, in conjunction with intercultural and technical communication research, translation-oriented comparative linguistics and lexical semantics. Some of the new perspectives in research include the interplay of space and language in the Romance languages (particularly in terms of language and migration) as well as satirical communication in the description and translation of cartoons.

IALT is contributing to the Research Profile Area Language and Culture in a Digital Age. This profile area studies the application, development, and critical analysis of digital technologies and media in humanities and social science research. It also covers the manifestation of language, culture, and the transfer of knowledge and culture in a digital age. In T&I studies there is a particular interest in research about the impact of digitization on mediation and on T&I studies themselves.

IALT is member of the #digitalegegenwart network.

last modified: 13.05.2019